Ways to Prevent Global Warming

There are many ways to prevent global warming that every one of us can do.

It's the matter of changing your habits now - it's much more painful to have to change them once the catastrophic climate change is here.

If that happens, it will change our habits whether we want it or not.

* Make sure you recycle all your waste.

* If you have a yard, recycle your organic waste by composting.

* Save energy at home and pay less for electricity.

* Cut down on using hot water. It's a huge part of your electricity bill.

* You can also insulate your water heater and turn the termostat down to 50 degrees celsius. 

* You don't need to use hot water in your washing machine. Warm is enough, but cold also does the job.

* Only use washing machine when you have a full load.

* Use your drier as little as possible. In a good weather, your washing dries on clothesline just as quickly.

* Have a shower instead of bath.

* Use lids on pots and pans when cooking. Steamers and pressure cookers are also excellent energy savers.

* Do not leave TVs, computers and other appliances on standby.


-- Ways to Prevent Global Warming --

 * If you're living in a hot climate, be aware that your fridges and freezers use much more energy when they are in a hot room. Move them to a room that is airconditioned anyway. And don't place them next to your stove.

* Defrost your old freezers and fridges regularly. Newer models have automatic defrost cycles and are more energy efficient.

* Depending on the climate you live in, you may be using heating or air conditioner. If you do, close windows and doors to stop the warm/cool air going out of the room.

* Buy a programmable thermostat, which will automatically turn off the heater or air conditioner when the air gets warm/cool enough.

* Replace a regular light bulb with compact fluorescent light bulb - it uses less than half of the energy.

* Eat less meat. Cattle emit a lot of methane to the atmosphere.

* Walk or bicycle instead of driving. It's healthier anyway!

* Plant a tree. They store carbon dioxide.

ways to prevent global warming solar energy

-- Ways to Prevent Global Warming --

 * Buy organic food - organic soils store carbon dioxide.

* Buy locally grown products. A lot of energy and fuel goes into transporting products.

* Buy fresh foods instead of frozen and premade foods - they take much more energy to produce.

* Shop wisely. Look for "green" logos on products, recycled paper products, and products with little packaging.

* Reuse your shopping bag. It is ridiculous how many plastic bags some people bring home every time they shop.

* Save fuel. Choosing proper gears, and using lower gears to slow down instead of break pedal saves fuel.

* Turn your engine off when you are not in motion for one minute.

* Service your car regularly (which you should do anyway!) It improves fuel efficiency.

* Check your tires so they are inflated properly.

* When you buy a new car, choose an energy-efficient one.

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