True Facts about Global Warming

On this page are some true facts about global warming.

Fact #1: Despite all the scepticism, global warming is real.

Fact #2: We have increased the levels of greenhouse gases, which were stable for at least 650,000 years, by 1/3 in the past 200 years.

true facts about global warming glacier

Fact #3: These gases are directly responsible for the greenhouse effect, which causes global warming.

Fact #4: While there are natural climate changes that have always affected the Earth, these are long-term changes. 

Fact #5:
The recent global warming is not one of these - it is way too quick and dramatic to be a natural change.  

Fact #6: The average temperature of the Earth is not only increasing but also accelerating, and so are the carbon emissions. 

Fact #7: Both Arctic and Antarctic sea ice have been melting at a much quicker rate than what was expected. Consequently the sea levels have also rosen quicker than what was expected.

Fact #8: At the current pace of carbon dioxide emissions, we may have an ice-free world by 2050-2100. This means a massive increase of sea level with coastal cities drowned and millions of homeless people who will become environmental refugees. 

true facts about global warming

Fact #9: We have to change our infrastructure and lifestyle to move towards a low-carbon environment.

Fact #10: If we don't do so, we risk some serious effects if not during our own, definitely our kids' lifetime.

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