Tropical Rainforest Food Web

Tropical rainforest food web is as complex as is the tropical rainforest biome.

There are myriads of different food chains interlinked in the rainforest food web.

The first level consists of plants; the second level of plant-eating animals (herbivores) such as insects, snails, frogs and small reptiles but also nectar-eating birds and larger herbivores like deer, apes and monkeys.

tropical rainforest food web butterfly

The third level consists of small meat-eating animals (carnivores) such as insect-eating birds, rodents, many frogs and small reptiles. The fourth level consists of larger meat-eating animals such as venomous snakes; and the fifth level consists of top predators such as crocodiles, large pythons, large birds of prey, tigers, jaguars and other cat animals; and rainforest people.

Despite the relatively poor soils, tropical rainforest ecosystems are very productive - they are amongst the most productive terrestrial ecosystems on the Earth.

tropical rainforest food web monkey

Because they cover quite large areas of the planet, they contribute to a large part of its total productivity. Decomposition is much faster than in other ecosystems thanks to the heat and the rain.

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