Tropical Rainforest Animals

Each continent has their own tropical rainforest animals.

Central and South American Species
Central and South American tropical rainforests for example contain animals like jaguars, ocelots, cougars (pumas); large anaconda snakes, otters, sloths, caymans, tapirs, peccaries, tamarins, giant anteaters, capybaras, spectacled bears, different species of primates, and birds like hummingbirds, macaws and toucans.

Poison dart frogs are also found in this part of the world.

puma animal

African Tropical Rainforest Animals
African tropical rainforests are known for the smartest primates in the world - gorillas and chimpanzees.

But there are also many different species of monkeys; big cats like leopards, lions and genets; and countless other animals such as hippopotamuses, rhinos, crocodiles, elephants; and many species of amphibians and reptiles.

rhino animal

Madagascar Island Rainforest Fauna
In the tropical rainforests of Madagascar Island, there are many endemic species such as lemurs and chameleons; and countless others such as Nile crocodiles, mongooses, tenrecs, and many species of bats, centipedes, frogs and lizards.

tropical rainforest animals

Asian Tropical Rainforest Species
Asian tropical rainforests are known for orangutans and bengal tigers. Other animals include Asian rhinos and Asian elephants, snow leopards and clouded leopards, crocodiles, bats, sun bears, black bears, bantengs, tarsiers and cobra snakes. 

elephant animal

Oceania Australasia Rainforest Fauna
Oceanian tropical rainforests include those in New Guinea, northern Australia and many Pacific Islands. New Zealand's rainforests are not tropical, they are temperate. In Australian tropical forests there are tree kangaroos and many species of possums; platypuses, green tree frogs and many species of lizards; large insects and butterflies such as Ulysses and Cairns Birdwings; the endangered cassowaries; and many species of parrots and honeyeaters.

cassowary bird

New Guinea (and Cape York in Australia) also has a few species of marsupials such as wallabies and cuscus, but is more known for its bird-life with the famous birds of paradise, Victoria crowned pigeons and two species of cassowary bird. The main native mammals on Pacific islands are bats and rodents.

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