Temperate Rainforests

While tropical rainforests grow in tropical climates, temperate rainforests are found in cooler, temperate climates.

They also get less rain - 1400mm instead of up to 2000mm in tropical rainforests.

While there are large areas in the world with temperate climate, these rainforests are only found in a few places in the world.

temperate rainforest north america

This is because the usual temperate forests don't get these amounts of rain.

These forests are for that reason often found in coastal areas, and often on coastal mountains.

The coastal locations mean mild winters and not too hot summers; and the coastal mountains increase rainfall on the ocean-side slopes.

Many of those rainforests have summer fogs, and wildfires are uncommon because of the moisture.

They are also known for giant trees, and abundant mosses and epiphytes.

temperate rainforest europe

These forests are found

* North America: Along the west coast of the United States and Canada

* A relatively small patch in Appalachian mountains

* South America: The southern coast of Chile in south America

* A few places in Europe: Ireland; western England, Wales and Scotland; southern Norway, northern Spain; the coast of Croatia

* Middle East: along the shores of Black Sea and Caspian Lake

* Asia: Southern China; eastern Korea and Taiwan; south-east coast of Russia; and Japan

* Australia: eastern coast of Victoria and western half of Tasmania

* New Zealand: west coast of South Island and the whole North Island

temperate rainforest australia

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