Temperate Rainforest Animals

Each continent has their own temperate rainforest animals.

South American Species

South American temperate rainforests are found in the southern part of the continent, in countries like eastern Chile and western Argentina.

Roe Deer Fawn (Capreolus Capreolus) Europe
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Those forests contain animals like Copihue, Maqui (Aristotelia chilensis), Kodkod (Leopardus guigna), Southern Pudaeo (Pudu pudu), Monito del Monte (Dromiciops gliroides), and many hummingbirds.

Marsupial Mouse, "Monita Del Monte" South Chile
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North American Forest Fauna
North American temperate rainforests are found along the north-western coast of the continent, in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, northern California, and Canada's British Columbia.

These forests contain animals like sitka deer, wolf, marbled murrelet, bald eagle, spotted owl, and bears like grizzly bears and black bears. Another patch of rainforests in north America is in Appalachian mountain ranges. These forests contain bobcats, raccoons, skunks, black bears, caribous, elks, mooses, wolves, deers, rabbits, hares, squirrels, beavers, and many species of birds, frogs and reptiles. 

Yellow-Pine Chipmunk Feeding, Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington, USA
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European Temperate Rainforest Animals
European temperate rainforests are found in 
Ireland, Scotland and Wales, southern Norway, northern Spain, and western Croatia. Irish forests contain many animal species including the Irish Stoat and Irish hare. The forests of Norway contain bears, lynx and elk among others. Spanish forests contain chamois, ibex, wild boar and brown bear amongst others. And in Croatia, there are deer, wolves, bears, and many endemic birds, insects and reptiles including the endangered griffon vulture. 
European Otter (Lutra Lutra), Otterpark Aqualutra, Leeuwarden, Netherlands, Europe
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Asian Temperate Rainforest Animals
Asian temperate rainforests are found in Japan, Russia's far east, Korea and southern China. Japanese forests contain the Japanese antelope Kamoshika, snow monkeys, minks, otters, deer, bears, moles, shrews, bats, and birds like cranes, egrets, herons and others. In the far east of Russia, there are Kamchatka's brown bears, gorals, sturgeons, snow leopards, Far Eastern leopard, and Siberian tiger.

Den of Red Foxes, Kamchatka, Russia
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Oceania Australasia Rainforest Fauna
Oceanian temperate rainforests are found in southern parts of Australia including Tasmania, and on both islands of New Zealand. Australian temperate forests contain animals like possums, kangaroos and wallabies, koalas, platypus, echidnas, dingoes and Tasmanian devils.

Common Brushtail Possum, (Trichosurus Vulpecula), Pebbly Beach, New South Wales, Australia
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New Zealand's rainforests do contain possums, which are introduced from Australia (and have become pests), but New Zealand's only native terrestrial mammals are bats and rodents. All the niches are instead taken up by birds.

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