Solutions of Global Warming

The solutions of global warming have to do with reducing our carbon emissions.

While the factors causing climate change are complex interactions of many factors, the main factor causing the recent global warming is the high accumulation of greenhouse gases, mostly carbon dioxide, in the atmosphere.

These gases come from burning fossile fuels, and also burning down (rain)forests.

With the forests, there is a double effect of 1) the burning itself, and 2) getting rid of trees - which absorb and store carbon dioxide through photosynthesis.

So how can we reduce our carbon emissions?

We have to change the ways we

* generate energy (solar and wind power)

* move around (we have to find alternative fuel sources)

* manufacture goods (factories are creating a fair bit of carbon emissions)

* grow food (organic agriculture)

* destroy (rain)forests (a lot of carbon emission)

solutions of global warming

While most of these issues require some changes in a country's infrastructure,

there are smaller, simpler things that you and me can do to reduce our carbon emissions:

Ways to Prevent Global Warming

More Energy Efficiency Tips

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