Rainforest Trees

There are a few different types of rainforest trees.

And of course, species vary depending on what type of rainforest it is (tropical or temperate) and where in the world it is.

But the three main kinds of trees are

* the ones that form the thick canopy which catches 95% of all the sunlight.

* the ones that grow higher than the canopy, but are not numerous enough to stop much sunlight.

* the ones that grow under the canopy - these trees are adapted to a life in shade.

rainforest trees

Temperate rainforests are known for giant trees.

Tropical rainforests are known for trees (and other plants) dealing with the wet forest floor in different ways.

Some grow buttress roots, others, like some species of mangroves, grow the so-called pneumatophores.

rainforest tree

Both enable plants to keep getting oxygen even when the forest floor is flooded (or for mangroves, the tide is high).

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