Rainforest Toucan

Rainforest Toucan is one of the most amazing rainforest birds.

There are about 40 different species of toucans and they are all found in Central and South American rainforest, southern Mexico and Caribbean.

Their most distinctive feature - the massive, colurful bill - is very light.

toucan bird

It is known to work as a mechanism for thermoregulation; as well as enable the bird to reach deeper into tree hollows.


Toucans eat mostly fruit but take insects and small prey when available. They have got a long and narrow tongue and they are important seed dispersals

bird toucan

Toucans live up in trees where they nest in tree hollows. They lay 2-4 eggs and the young ar naked when they hatch. They live in pairs or sometimes small flocks; and they do not migrate

rainforest toucan

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