Rainforest Plants

Rainforest plants thrive extremely well in their environment, because every plant loves a lot of water, and rainforests are indeed very wet places.

This means rainforests are thick and dense, full of plant life, and packed with different plants - it gets so crowded that the biggest competition is this of sunlight.

Every plant tries therefore to reach high up to not to miss out on sunlight.

rainforest plants trees

Large trees grow tall and spread out their canopies and block the light from reaching the ground.Some extra tall trees, called emergents, grow through that canopy, even higher.

Others, like vines climb on tree trunks to reach the sunlight high up. Orchids and epiphytes start growing high up in the trees when a bird drops a seed there.

rainforest trees

Shorter trees and other plants grow on the rainforest floor, where some light happens to reach the forest ground.

cycad plant

When a high tree falls and opens up the canopy, smaller plants get a chance to start growing in the sunlight on the rainforest floor.

rainforest plants tropical

Rainforest flora vary considerably between tropical and temperate rainforests; and between the rainforests on different continents.

rainforest plants

Tropical rainforest species are more numerous, while temperate rainforests have less layers and are more known for giant trees, mosses and epiphytes.

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