Rainforest Orchids

Rainforest orchids are some of the most amazing rainforest flowers.

There are 25,000 species of them world-wide, whcih makes them the species-richest family of plants on Earth.

Although they are found almost everywhere in the world, the vast majority of orchids is found in rainforests.

rainforest orchid

There are about 260 genera in tropical America, 280 genera in tropical Asia, 250 genera in tropical Africa, and 60 genera in Oceania.

They come in so many colours, shapes and sizes; and many have clever pollination strategies.

The Bucket Orchid of Central America for example has a small "bucket" that attracts bees. The bees fall in there every so often, and the only way out is through a tube full of pollen. 

rainforest orchids

The Dancing Lady Orchid of South America dance in the breeze hard enough that small bees think they are intruders and attack them, pollinating them in the process. 

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