Rainforest Insects

Rainforest insects are a huge group of animals.

Thanks to their quick generation turnover, insects adapt to new conditions very quickly and are very successful animals.

So, like in other ecosystems, a vast majority of rainforeast animals are insects

rainforest butterfly

Because rainforests are the ecosystems that contain the most animal species in the world, you can imagine what a huge group the insects of the rainfiorest are..

rainforest insect

Beetles (Coleoptera) are by far the largest group with about 500,000 species.

The insects of the rainforest also grow very large.

rainforest moth

There are 8cm long water bugs (Hemiptera), 6cm long earwigs (Dermaptera), 4cm long ants, 5cm long bees, 7cm long wasps (Hymenoptera), 7cm long crickets (Orthoptera), 8cm long flies (Diptera), 6cm long weevils (Coleoptera), and the impressive, up to 30cm long stick insects (Phasmatodea) and 15 cm long dragonflies (Odonata).

rainforest insects

Cockroaches (Blattodea) weighing 30g are not uncommon, and there are cicadas with 15cm, butterflies with 20cm, and moths (Lepidoptera) with 30cm wingspan.

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