Rainforest Countries in the Continent of Asia

There are many tropical rainforest countries in the continent of Asia.

India is the world's second most populous country after China.

It has also got some very various nature - with Himalaya's snowy mountains in north, highlands in north east, and coastal lowlands in north-west. Tropical rainforests cover the mountain range along south-western coast south of Bombay.

countries in continent of asia india

Sri Lanka, the island south of India, has been suffering civil wars and unrest since its independence in 1948. About half of the population is engaged in agriculture.

As in many other rainforest countries, much of the forests have been cleared to make land for large tea, rice and other plantations. But despite the deforestation, rainforests still cover the wettest areas and most rugged terrain. 

countries in continent of asia sri lanka

Bangladesh is one of the world's poorest countries in the world's largest river delta, which gets constantly flooded during the monsoons. Other natural disasters such as typhoons (hurricanes) frequently devastate the country. The floods however are good in the sense that they bring fertile silt to the soils. Agriculture is a big industry and the main crop is rice. Bangladesh hasn't got so much of the "usual" tropical rainforests, but it has got world's largest mangrove forests and mangrove communities often fall into the definition of tropical rainforests.

Bhutan is a small land-locked country between China and India.  Although agriculture is a large industry, forests still cover more than half of the country's area. The main regions are the Great Himalayas, Lesser Himalayas and the Duars Plain which contain the semitropical forests and bamboo jungles.


Myanmar (Burma) has also been suffering from political issues since its independence in 1948. It has got central lowlands; and mountains in the north and west. The coastal areas have got a wet climate and forests are found mostly in north-western and south-western parts of the country.
myanmar burma

Thailand can be divided into four separate regions: the mountainous north, the Khorat Plateau, the central plains, and the southern mountainous Malay Peninsula. The northern mountains are home to many tribal rainforest people, the valleys between the mountains support agriculture, the Khorat Plateau in the north-east is covered by savannah woodlands and the central plains by rice plantations. Malay Peninsula in south is dominated by tropical rainforests.
countries in continent of asia thailand

Laos is a small land-locked country, and one of the least developed countries in the area. It is quite mountainous country, with the only lowland suitable for agriculture being Mekong floodplains. 55% of the country is still covered by forest, despite deforestation. 

laos asia

Vietnam is a narrow country with large river deltas in each end - the Red River in north, and Mekong in south. Both deltas are heavily cultivated, major rice growing areas. More than 60% of the land area is covered by Annam Highlands - the most forested area.

countries in continent of asia vietnam

Cambodia, a poor country in different political struggles since 1970s, is now finally starting to get on the feet again.  Its main crops is rice and much of it is grown on the flooded lowlands in the Mekong river basin. In the country's eastern and western parts there are tropical rainforests, the timber from which was sold in massive quantities for at least 20 years. Treefelling is still an environmental problem.

countries in continent of asia cambodia

Malaysia consists of the tip of Malay Peninsula, and north-western part of Borneo Island (Sarawak and Sabah). Parts of Malay Peninsula are covered by mountain ranges, while on Borneo Island there are some dense tropical rainforests and mangrove communities. Malaysia has been exporting more timber than any other country in Asia, and the rainforest people on Borneo Island have been threatened by the large scale of logging. 

countries in continent of asia malaysia

Philippines is an island nation consisting of Visayan, Luzon, Sulu and Mindanao islands. It is mostly a mountainous country with some volcanoes, and the fertile Cagayan River Valley where rice is cultivated. Lots of rainforest logging has been happening - about 90% of the original rainforest is gone.

countries in continent of asia philippines

Indonesia is a large island nation consisting of Sumatra, Java, most of Borneo, Sulawesi, Bali, Lombok, Flores, Timor, western half of New Guinea, and other, smaller islands. It was once covered by rainforests, whereas massive logging have resulted in the only remaining rainforests being in national parks and isolated areas in rugged mountains. There are many active volcanoes and extensive rice plantations. The majority of population lives of agriculture. 

countries in continent of asia indonesia

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