Rainforest Activities

On this page are a few rainforest activities to give you some ideas about what to do in rainforests.

Hiking is the most popular rainforest activity.

Most rainforests, unless they are really thick jungles, have walking tracks, which take you through interesting parts of the forest without getting lost.

rainforest hiking

Some are well marked and easy to follow, others are poorly marked with just some signs on trees.

Do not leave the marked path and always follow the signs. You don't want to get lost in a rainforest.

bush walking

Birdwatching and wildlife watching are great rainforest activities. There are some amazingly beautiful colourful rainforest birds in most of the world's rainforests, and there is also a huge variety of rainforest animals. In hot regions like tropical rainforests, birds and animals are most active during early mornings and late afternoons, while in temperate climate they are quite easy to see even in the middle of the day.

bird watching

Birds, and even many animals live mostly in rainforest canopy. This makes rainforest canopy a particularly interesting place to see closer. Which is why there are "tree top walks" in many rainforests. The canopy is where you can see the most of rainforest birds, as well as many snakes, monkeys, and other interesting animals. Ofter there are informative signs about the wildlife you are likely to see. 

rainforest activities

And then of course, there is photography. Tree top walks and suspension bridges are excellent places where to get photos of rainforests, its birds and animals. Up in the canopy, the light is much better than on the rainforest floor. And suspension bridges often cross rivers or canyons where the canopy is open. Good rainforest photos are generally quite hard to get, because it often rains; and when it doesn't, the light is often not good enough under the rainforest canopy.

rainforest photography

Another interesting rainforest activity is having a closer look at rainforest plants. There is an amazing variety of 
rainforest plants - all from trees to vines, epiphytes, ferns, mosses and litchens. Indigenous rainforest people from all over the world have been living in rainforests and they know exactly what plants can be used as food and medicines. Many rainforest plants can also be stingy or poisonous. Don't touch or eat any if you don't know what plant it is and whether it is safe to eat or touch.  


Many people also take guided tours to rainforests. It is not a bad idea as the guides are local people who know all about the particular rainforest and its birds, plants and animals. There also tours that can take you canoeing or boating along rainforest rivers, to watch the river wildlife such as crocodiles.

rainforest tour

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