Papua New Guinea Rainforest

There are many unique species in Papua New Guinea Rainforest.

New Guinea is one of those places like Australia and Madagascar, which have been isolated for a long time  - something that causes the development of many unique species.

In the rainforests of New Guinea, there are about 9000 species of plants, 250 species of mammals, and 700 species of birds.

papua new guinea rainforest

As typically for Oceanian countries, native mammals include many species of bats and rats. But surprisingly, Papua New Guinea's mammal life also resembles this of Australia.

There are 60 species of marsupials, including tree kangaroos, and two species of monotremes (echidnas) - animals that are also found in Australia. 

kingfisher bird

New Guinea is mostly known for its 700 species of birds. The most famous are the birds of paradise (43 species), but other amazingly beautiful birds include kingfishers, parrots, and crown pigeons. Male bower birds build amazing bowers which they maintain and decorate with fresh flowers. And the cassowary - a colourful flightless ratite related to emu - is only found in New Guinea and northern Australia.

cassowary chick

It used to be that commercial logging was fairly localised in New Guinea. But lately, as in many other countries in the world, the commercial operations start more and more to be linked to global market. This increases the scale of logging. 
With all the unique animal species above, and the fact that rainforest destruction increases global warming, it is very important to save the forests.

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