Madagascar Island Rainforest

While the western half of Madagascar Island is dry, the eastern half is wet enough for rainforests to grow.

So the eastern half used to be covered in rainforestst.

While there are still some rainfroests left, 90% of the original forests have been destroyed. This is alarming as Madagascar is one of the world's hotspots for endemic plants and animals.

madagascar island

Having been isolated from the rest of the world since Gondwana breakup, it has been the place where many species that have gone lost elsewhere, have survived.

About 80% of its 7000 - 12,000 plant species are endemic. Some of the more famous ones are the baobabs, and the island's 170 species of palms and 900 species of orchids.

madagascar rainforest

Animal life is also unique. As opposed to the rest of Africa, where lions, rhinos, elephants, giraffes and zebras live, Madagascar is dominated by much smaller animals. The most famous ones are its endemic lemurs - relatively primitive primates that were replaced by chimpanzees and Gorillas on mainland Africa. But there are many other, smaller mammals, amphibians and reptiles that are unique to the island. Most of world's chameleons live in Madagascar, as do many unique frogs and geckoes.  

madagascar island rainforest

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