Interesting Facts about Asia Rainforests

On this page are some interesting facts about Asia rainforests.

* While the interior of Asia is mostly dry, rainforests are mostly found along the coasts.

* the densest of Asian rainforests are found on Borneo Island, south-western coast of Sumatra, in Myanmar and northern and central coast of Vietnam and southern China.

facts about asia rainforest

* Most rainforest destruction is currently (2010) going on in Thailand and Malaysia, Laos, Indonesian Sumatran Island and southern China.

* World's largest mangrove forests are found in Bangladesh

facts about asia

* Orangutans are only found in Asian rainforests (Borneo and Sumatra only)

* Three species of leopards are only found in Asian rainforests (Snow leopard, clouded leopard and Bornean clouded leopard).

* Bengal tiger is only found in Asia

* Snow leopards can kill animals three times their own size

* Tigers are excellent swimmers and love to cool down in the water

interesting facts about asia

* Bengal tigers are the largest of the "Big Cats" - they can weigh as much as 260kg

* But despite their size, tigers are not always as brave as you'd think. Smaller animals such as hyenas and even jackals can sometimes drive a tiger away from its kill. 

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