Human Causing Global Warming

After so many years of the problem, why is human causing global warming still ignored or questioned...

It is because it takes a long time for many people to accept new things. Particularly when it is something that is not beneficial, or makes the life rather complicated.

Of course, life is easier without having to worry about recycling or trying to save energy and fuel.

human causing global warming

That's why so many people still today don't want to believe in global warming. They look for excuses and arguments against global warming.

They have already taken a side before they have bothered to do some reading about it and find out about its effects and evidence.

humans causing global warming

Other people who are still ignoring it are the people in developing countries who cut down their rainforests. Rainforest deforestation is a serious problem which also increases global warming. But these people cannot afford to not to chop their trees down, rainforest timber is the only money-maker they have. Developed countries have decided to step in and help them before all the rainforests are gone. 

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