Facts against Global Warming

On this page are some facts against global warming.

Climate change can be natural, and yes, it has happened naturally since the beginning of our planet.

It is obvious that the early changes have been natural, because they happened long before humans ever lived on the Earth. 

global warming drought

And yes, in the long term, we are in one of such warm changes at the moment, and it is expected that the climate is slowly getting warmer.


But - the recent global warming that has happened during a very short period of 200 years, since the western world started getting industrialised, and since we have accumulated the levels of greenhouse gases by 1/3, is NOT a part of that natural change.

Natural climate changes occur over millions of years, not over two centuries.

lightning thunderstorm

The rate at which the climate is changing at the moment, is definitely out of pattern.

It cannot possibly be a coincidence that we have almost doubled the greenhouse gases since the 1800s when the western world started to be industrialised. And we don't expect it to be a coincidence, since we know that our activities increase the rate of global warming

While we live a comfortable life, it is easy to forget where all the food is coming from.

Even though our shops never seem to run out of food, it all still starts with agriculture.

We still depend on Mother Earth, and we don't even fully understand the complex factors behind climate changes.

Global warming can have devastating consequenses on agriculture and fishing.

bad weather

Not to mention stronger hurricanes, worse wildfires, droughts and flooded coastal cities by rising sea levels.

If you say that global warming is not to worry about because our planet has previously survived many natural climate changes, well, our planet will survive this one too.

But our way of life will not.

See? There are no good facts against global warming.

hurricane katrina

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