Endangered Rainforest Animals

This is not a complete list of endangered rainforest animals, but rather a description of some of the most notable species.

Bengal Tiger is one of the most endangered animals on this list.

They are found in India, Bangladesh, China and Indonesia. Their numbers have dropped from 50,000 to 4,000 only in the past 100 years, mainly because of poaching and habitat loss.

endangered rainforest tiger

Jaguar, another famous Big Cat, is also threatened. It is found in the rainforests of South and Central America and southern Mexico. The main threats to jaguars are hunting and habitat loss.

Gorillas, which are found in central and west Africa, are threatened. The main threats are hunting and habitat loss.

endangered rainforest gorilla

Chimpanzees - the other intelligent primates, also found in Africa - are threatened because of hunting, habitat loss and illegal animal trade.

endangered chimpanzee

Orangutans - the largest primates in Asia, more exactly Borneo and parts of Indonesia, are also threatened because of hunting, habitat loss and illegal animal trade.

endangered orangutan

Tamarind Monkey - a beautiful monkey of South America, is threatened almost to extinction because of the illegal trade of its fur.

tamarind monkey

Poison Dart Frogs are the poisonous frogs of South and Central America, used by natives for their poison which is attached on the tips of their darts and other weapons. There are 116 different species of them, but many are threatened.

endangered poison dart frog

Toucans, Parrots and Cockatoos are beautiful colourful rainforest birds, many species of which are threatened because of loss of habitat and illegal pet trade.

endangered toucan

Harpy Eagle - one of the most impressive eagles in the world, which is found in South and Central America, is threatened because of hunting and habitat loss.

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