Endangered Plants in the Tropical Rainforest

There are many endangered plants in the tropical rainforest, and many are wiped out before we have ever discovered them.

At the pace of the current rainforest destruction, it is estimated that 137 species are wiped out daily.

Rainforest Orchids

Some of the most endangered plants are rainforest orchids. They haven't only suffered habitat destruction, but also the consequences of orchid trade.

rainforest orchids

In the old days, before orcids got protected, collectors wiped many local species out on purpose, to earn more profit by cornering the market.

Rafflesia Flower
Another endangered group of plants is the Rafflesia flower.

It is the largest flower in the world - the diameter in some species can be 1 meter.

rafflesia flower

There are 27 species of them and they are all endemic to Asian rainforests. They are very rare and very endangered.

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