Endangered Plants in the Rainforest

There are a lot of endangered plants in the rainforest.

Although orchids make up a family with a huge number of species, many are also endangered and have become extinct.

rainforest orchid

This is mainly because habitat destruction and collectors and smugglers.

endangered rafflesia

Rafflesia flower - the largest flower in the world, is also one of the world's most endangered and rarest plants. It is a stemless, leafless and rootless parasite that depends on Tetrastigma vine.

endangered durian

At least one of the world's 15 types of durians is endangered. Durian trees grow large fruits, infamous for their smell, which some people find so bad that the fuits have been banned from public transport in many countries in south-east Asia.

Mangroves, which often grow in coastal tropical rainforests, are threatened in many places in the world. It's tempting to replace the muddy and smelly mangrove beaches with attractive sandy beaches, and that's what has been happening in many places.

endangered mangrove

Calamus Aruensis is a climbing plant that grows in Australian tropical rainforests and is endangered. Triunia robusta is another one of Australian tropical rainforest plants that is endangered.

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