Destruction of the Rainforest

So how can we stop the destruction of the rainforest.

Because rainforest deforestation goes mainly on in poor countries that chop down the trees to make money, they will stop logging if they earn more by leaving the forests alone

The only way to do that is to pay the poor countries for saving their rainforests. The money would come from rich, industrialised countries.

destruction of the rainforest

The payment would need to be larger than what these countries earn by chopping the forests down. 

It has been estimated that up to US$35 billion would be needed over the next five years. It sounds like a lot of money, but the estimated benefits from halving deforestation - US$ 3.5 trillion - is a much bigger number.

rainforest destruction

But you and me can help too!

If everyone cut down buying rainforest products and was looking for "Forest Friendly" and other similar logos on products they buy, the demand of rainforest trees would decrease. You can also support conservation organisations by becoming a member and making a donation.

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