Daintree Animals

Daintree animals are typical Australian tropical rainforest animals.

Reptiles in Daintree

The largest ones are the deadly Australian saltwater crocodiles.

Even if you don't see them on one quick trip, they see you from the river water, so don't go too close.

Saltwater Crocodile, Rainforest Habitat Sanctuary, Queensland, Australia, Pacific
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Other reptiles include freshwater tortoises, lizards such as Boyd's Forest Dragon, geckos such as Northern Leaf-tailed Gecko, and many species of snakes, mostly non-venomous, such as Amethystine Python. 

Twenty Four Foot Saltwater Crocodile (Crocodilus Porosus), Hartleys Creek, Queensland, Australia
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Marsupial mammals in Daintree rainforests include tree kangaroos (e.g. Bennett's Tree Kangaroo), rat kangaroos, bandicoots, pademelons, wallabies, a few native rats, and many species of possums, particularly Ringtails.

Placental mammals are not as numerous and include different types of bats, and - dingoes.

Face of Cassowary, Australia

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There are also many species of frogs (including the famous green tree frog); and many different types of birds such as kingfishers, parrots, scrubfowls, bowerbirds, crakes, herons and the famous southern cassowary. 

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