Asian Rainforest

Asian Rainforest is not as dense and large as those of Amazon and Central Africa, but there are still rainforests in India, South-east Asia, Borneo, Indonesia and New Guinea.

The most famous animals of these forests are orangutans and tigers, which are not found in Africa or South America.

South Asian Rainforest

Indian rainforests are mainly found along the country's eastern coast. They contain about 200 species of trees, 500 orchids, and many herbs and medicinal plants. Animals include tigers, leopards, clouded leopards, elephants, buffaloes, porcupines, mongooses, civets, gibbons, macaques and monkeys.

indian rainforest

Bangladesh has got Sundarbans - the largest mangrove forests in the world. They contain about 400 Royal Bengal Tigers; and crocodiles, deer, and many species of birds.

Sri Lankan rainforests are, like the Indian ones, found on the eastern coast of the country. These forests contain leopards, monkeys, porcupines, mongooses, ant eaters and Asian Elephants. Birds include parrots, parakeets, kingfishers, hornbills, woodpeckers, bee-eaters, spoonbills, herons and storks.

sri lankan rainforest

South-east Asian Rainforest

Myanmar rainforests contain large isolated bamboo stands, but also plants like hibiscus, palms, teak and orchids. There are also about 1000 species of birds; and 2000 tigers and 10,000 Asian Elephants.

Thailand's rainforests contain hardwoods, bamboos, and about 27,000 species of flowering plants. Its 300 mammal species include elephants, leopards, macaques, dusky langurs, gibbons, Malayan tapirs, Malayan sun bears, gaurs, pangolins, deers, bantengs, and Asiatic Black Bears. The 1000 bird species include woodpeckers and exotic hornbills. There are also 107 species of amphibians and 313 species of reptiles, including black jungle monitors, lizards, geckoes, and snakes such as banded kraits,
Russell's pit vipers, green vipers, king cobras, common cobras, Malayan vipers, and the world largest python - Reticulated python (Python reticulates), which can grow 15m long.

Laos, Cambodja, Vietnam and Malaysia contain some lush jungles with black monitor lizards, Malayan vipers, pandas, civet cats, Malayan bears, Sumatran rhinos, buffaloes, gibbons and small leaping tarsirs. 

malaysian rainforest

South-east Asian Rainforest

Indonesia's Sumatra Island is covered by some dense South-east Asian rainforest with rhododendrons, eucalypts, laurels and oaks. Other Indonesia's islands, and also Philippines, contain crested monkeys, macaques, marmosets; and birds like bee-eaters, barbets, giant and red casques hornbills, and black and philippine eagles. There are also some giant butterfiles such as superb swallowtails, blue triangle butterflies, and goliath birdwing with a wingspan of 28cm - the second-largest butterfly in the world. Reptiles include tree snakes, like white-lipped tree viper and long-nosed tree viper; and some stranger creatures include flying geckos, flying lizards, flying dragons, and flying snakes (Chrysopelea sp).

indonesian rainforest

Borneo's rainforests contain about 15,000 species of flowering plants, pitcher plants, ericaceous plants, chestnut trees, and many oaks. Flowering plants include lady's slipper orchid, and Rafflesia - the world's largest flower, which can grow up to 1m across. It is a parasitic plant and it smells like rotten meat to attract flies which pollinate it. Animals include clouded leopards, proboscis monkeys, gibbons, rhinos, Asian elephants, and the large Malayan Flying Fox (Pteropus vampyrus), with its 1.5m wingspan. And of course, the Bornean orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus) - the largest tree-living mammal in the world.

borneo rainforest

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