Arguments against Global Warming

On this page are some of the commonest arguments against global warming.

"Climate change is natural"

Yes, there have been natural, long-term changes in the Earth's climate since the birth of the planet. But those natural changes happen slowly and over long periods of time (with one exception - volcanoes, but they cool the climate). 

BUT - the recent global warming has happened within a period of 200 years - way too short a time for a natural change. Also, it has been happening at a rate that is way out of the pattern of natural changes.

arguments against global warming

"Humans are not affecting it as much as they try to make it sound. We cause some of it but the main part is natural".

Not true. Out of all other causes to climate change, the greenhouse effect is the only one that is directly causing the recent global warming. It is directly linked to the accelerating accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere by humans.

And by the way, why would anyone try to make it sound worse than it is? It costs governments a lot of money. There is no reason why anyone would want to waste time and money on it if they weren't concerned.

polar bear and global warming

"How could they know about it all so exactly? They don't know!"

They do know about the recent, unnatural global warming. There are heaps of studies going on about it, and the results show the obvious. It is much easier a fenomenon to study than the complex interactions between factors behind the long-term, natural climate changes.

And even though it is true that these are not yet fully understood, it doesn't give us an excuse to ignore global warming. It is only an even better reason to look after our planet, because we may not even know about some long-term consequences!

What we do know is bad enough: global warming effects

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