Anthropogenic Climate Change

On this page is some information on Anthropogenic climate change.

Humans are likely to have had some effect on the Earth's environment and climate since the times of prehistoric people.

Even in these early days did they light fires, burn forests and hunt many animal species to extinction.

anthropogenic climate change

But the scale of it was minimal compared to what's happening today. Rainforest destruction for example was only done on family, or at least local level, while today it is done by companies linked to global markets - at a much larger scale.

The same sort of increase is likely to have happened when it comes to our rate of directly affecting our climate (rainforest deforestation is an indirect way).

climate change glacier

Modelling the changes in the Earth's orbit compared to variations in the levels of greenhouse gases in ice have shown that naturally, the greenhouse gases should have decreased gradually since 11,000 years ago and the ice sheets should have appeared about 6,000-3,500 years ago. None of that happened.

This suggests that humans may have started affecting global climate a long time ago, even though the effects have undoubtedly accelerated at an alarming rate for the past 200 (especially 40) years.

Within that time, we have increased the greenhouse gases, (which were stable for at least 650,000 years) in the atmosphere by 1/3!!! Increase of these gases has had a direct effect on our climate in the past 200, and especially in the past 40 years.

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