Rainforest Facts

On this site you find some interesting rainforest facts.

Rainforests are some of the most amazing ecosystems on the Earth.

They vary considerably depending on where on the Earth they are found.

rainforest snake

Tropical climates support tropical rainforests and temperate climates support temperate rainforests, but what all the rainforests have in common is that they require a fair bit of rain.

Rainforests are also known for very tall trees and competition of sunlight.

On this site is some information about what types of rainforests there are and where in the world they are found.

There are also facts about what climate different types of rainforests require, what plants and animals are found in different types of rainforests on each continent, and what is rainforest food web.

And finally, there is some information about rainforest people, rainforest destruction around the world, and what we can do to save the rainforests.

rainforest macaw

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